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Sharmee making headline news as she was interviewed about

the official launch of her Mind Management School by Urban Buzz Magazine

the same date Oprah Winfrey was interveiwed by this magazine. What a tremendous honor this was for Sharmee to be featured!

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National Day of Prayer Leader Teams Up With

A Frisco, TX Woman To Launch A Mind Management

School To Combat Mental Instability


FRISCO, TX – Since March 2020 of the COVID-19 pandemic, people having to stay at home and create a new normal for their lives and families, have caused a lot of mental health issues to arise as well as domestic violence and child abuse. Even now, 1 in every 4 persons in America is contemplating suicide. Sharmee Pratt of Frisco, TX, with the assistance of Dr. Shirley K. Clark (NDP, North Texas Regional Coordinator), knew she had to do something. So, in May 2020, Sharmee decided to open a Mind Management School.

Twenty years ago, Sharmee was diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and bulimia. And one entire year after Sharmee received this diagnosed, she battled daily for her sanity and life. Often, she felt suicidal and dealt with panic attacks. Through the assistance of mental health physicians and the faith-based community, Sharmee lived. However, a little over a year ago, Sharmee’s daughter was a victim of domestic violence. She was beaten so severely that she had to be hospitalized. Both, she and her daughter survived, and they are doing well. So, now, Sharmee, wants to become an advocate for others’ freedom and healing.

So, on Friday, September 25, 2020, 12PM (CST), Sharmee will be hosting a Mind Management Symposium to officially launch the school. It will be streamed live on Facebook and Youtube.  A panel of distinguished guests will be discussing these global issues as well as possible solutions regarding suicide, depression, emotional stability, domestic violence, etc. Ambassador Dr. Patricia Bailey, Governmental Humanitarian & Author of the new mind management book, “The Filter Factory;” Dr. Keith Johnson, America #1 Confidence Coach; Attorney Dianne Jones, Former Dallas County Judge over Family Court; Dr. Sheba George, Superintendent for Newman Academy; and Yvette Munroe, CEO of The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders and Former CEO of 3 mental Health Agencies are some of the prestigious guests that will be participating in the symposium.


This event is free and open to the public; to learn more about this event, please visit:


ABOUT SHARMEE:  Sharmee Pratt is a Certified Life Coach, Bible Teacher, International Speaker, and an Advocate for mental health wellness. She is the Found­er/CEO of Mind Management School, where she focuses on a series of teachings and pub­lications that deal with regaining your focus with a strong emphasis on emotional and mental wellness. Some of her publications are: Breaking Free from Within, Crushing the Olive Will Release the Oil, Who or What's Persuading You, Illegal Access, and her latest coaching and book collection, The Dangers of Interference. Sharmee resides in Frisco, TX with her husband of 2 years.

ABOUT SHARMEE’S MIND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL: Sharmee’s MMS is a faith-based school dedicated to the emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness of people in society.

Distinguished Symposium Panel Guests

Mind Management Symposium


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