The Inward Cry “It’s never to late”

The inward cry 😭

So many people today are walking around in a million broken pieces. Somehow coming up with the conclusion that their life is just the way it is. I remember that place myself. I felt as if life was not worth living and why even try. It seemed like the more that I tried to move forward from obstacles the worst things seemed in my life.

I remember looking around at life feeling sorry for myself and the really sad part was wanting others to feel sorry for me too. One of my favorite lines was, “Why me”? One of my other favorite lines was “Nothing good every happens to me”. I had so many self pity lines that I could fill up about two pages front and back maybe

Nevertheless I had to come to a place where I believed that the road blocks and obstacles in life did not come to make me weaker but to make me stronger. The one thing that I had to do that many fail to do is change how I thought about not only life but myself.

One thing we must realize is that life gives you what you are willing to put into it. None of us just asked to be born , now did we? We were all born with a purpose and it’s up to us to discover what that purpose is. Your dreams don’t have to die just because your life has been broken and for some just hard.

On the contrary you have the tools you need already inside of you and that are ready to be birth. But it’s up to you to make that discovery. No matter how much someone else see great qualities in you you have to see them within yourself.

You can make a difference not only for you but for those around you. Sometimes we may need that extra push or help to see the qualities in us and the difference we can make. It is possible if only we would stop feeling as if our life was meaningless and receive the help when the help is present.

Trust me I know what failures look like and feel like. But I also know what it means to break cycles and achieve because I decided to change that one thing and receive help in the process. Help is available and it’s time to invest in and believe in yourself. You are worth it!! You are your own greatest enemy. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth!! It’s possible to be free 2be the best you that you could be!!




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