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Non Negotiable

In life we have been taught a lot from infancy to adulthood, we have all been a student of life. The one thing about life is that we are constant students to something or someone. Which leads me to my topic today Non-Negotiable. Throughout life many have been or will be taught about negotiation. So what does it mean to negotiate? It means to try to reach an agreement or compromise about something. Now the problem that we tend to run into would be that we come into negotiation with things and others which gives them the liberty to rule over us.

The greatest negotiation that has ever taken place in my opinion was when heaven started to communicate about humanity concerning Jesus coming to the earth. Although none of us was in the conversation many of us are glad that negotiation took place! Well, I know I’m glad it did! That conversation has allowed many to have a ruler over their lives. Which has been an amazing thing. But what happens when you have things in your life that you have negotiated that has not been so amazing?

Those things that caused us more harm than good. Decisions we’ve made over the years, months and weeks through a negotiation that we had no idea we were even doing. Things and conversations that allowed the enemy to have some type of rule over our soul. Now understand your soul is your mind, will, and emotions. I understand that the enemy doesn’t have a legal right to us as believers, but he does have the right to operate in dark areas of our lives. This is why it’s important to understand the things that are non negotiable in your life.

We are told as believers that whatever we give ourselves to has rule over us. It says that thing will become your master and you will become its slave. Wow! So my question for us today would be, what are some things you have negotiated unknowingly with the enemy of your soul? What are those inward conversations that you have believed that is contrary to what God has said? The things that have convinced you to settle or simply not obey the word of the Lord. Those subtle things that have become an area of negotiation. It could be people that have caused you to negotiate your belief or again simple ways of thinking that you have embraced.

These are some of the things that we need to say is non negotiable! We have to agree with God and what he said every step of the way. No matter what it looks like nor what happens throughout life. Whatever God says that’s what it is! We must be determined in our stance if we are going to walk in an attitude were certain things are non negotiable. No matter what someone else says or what our thoughts begin to tell us. If it’s against that which is spoken it’s deceptive. You have to be intentional about building yourself up in this area. I would like for you to know building yourself up in this manner is possible, but it starts with being able to recognize the things and places you have negotiated.

Once you are able to do that, you can break the agreement that you gave for those things or people to lord over your life. You have to come into agreement with what was already negotiated in heaven concerning you and watch what God does in your life. Remember scripture says the only way you can walk with someone or anything is through the power of agreement. That means that if I break the agreement of the things that’s not productive in my life I can walk in liberty.

That‘s my heart for you!! That you would walk in agreement with what heaven has spoken concerning you and break every negotiated plan that you didn’t even know was negotiated with the enemy of your soul.

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