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Mental Disposition

Before I just jump into the meat of what I would like to talk about I would like to ask you a question. What is your mental disposition? To understand that in more clarity, here’s a little information to help you. Mental disposition is

a person's inherent qualities of mind and character. Take a moment and think on that. In life we go through a lot of ups, downs, turns, and spirals. Which in turn can cause our minds to get locked into that moment of time.

In order for our minds to be conditioned to achieve we have to do as scripture instructs us in Philippians 4:7-8. We are admonished to think on certain things that will condition our minds for success. Which in turn will affect our attitudes and therefore, will begin to transform our beliefs. Our mental disposition is based on a way of thinking that has been influenced by our former or immediate circumstance. Once the belief system is embraced it forms habits which starts to create our make-up. This is why we hear people saying that’s just the way I am or that’s my make-up.

The problem with that is we don’t truly understand our true make-up apart from Christ. God has already informed us that He is the one who knows the thoughts and plans that He thinks towards us Jeremiah 29:11. Therefore, it’s His plans that need to be understood. When a person doesn’t understand God’s plan for their life they will begin to follow after someone else’s plan. Which has caused their mental disposition to be based on facts rather than truth.

Let me explain a little bit more. Most people live their lives based on facts and not truth. It’s a fact that not everyone was born in favorable circumstances. But the truth is not everyone will live their life based on the mishaps they have experienced in life. The one important point about facts and truth are facts change, but truths are absolute. When Jesus spoke that He was the way, the truth, and the life. He was pointing out an absolute. He was simply saying although other ways to get to the Father will be presented I AM the only way!!

He was simply trying to help others to disconnect from their mental disposition that had been influenced by others, and embrace a new level of thinking which will bring them into greater. Our start is never the real issue in life. It’s the mindset that we tend to hold on to that causes us real turmoil. Many don’t know how to get unstuck from trauma, past hurts, and failures. Therefore, making others pay for life circumstances that has simply influenced their behavior.

If we can unlock ourselves from mental dysfunctions we can unlock the keys for success in life. The true battle is never our circumstances it’s our unwillingness to gain a good understanding about those circumstances. We haven’t learned the tools to be above and not underneath. My prayer is that people will gain a good understanding and take the tools to tear down every mental disposition that’s keeping them in a cycle of mental unbelief.

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