Updated: Jun 20, 2019


“You are in control of your day, no one else should be.”


You will always face some type of obstacle in life. Yet, you don't have to allow the obstacles to control your day. If you decide to bring positive energy into your life instead of negative energy that engulfs many people in the world you will see different results. Everyday you have the opportunity to bring light into your life.

Start your day off by meditating on a verse in the bible, a positive motivational or prayer. You are responsible for taking the time to condition your mind to get through your day. You do not have to allow the negativity in your space. Even when life happens, and it will. It is still up to you to control how you are going to respond. Darkness and sadness are always waiting to enter the thought patterns of your mind.

Nevertheless, you have to be willing to line your mind up with positivity. Your mind will always be your battle ground because it will try to give you the out look on how you should respond or see a situation when it arises. But you have to take control over your thoughts first thing in the morning by preparing yourself to be the head and not the tail. Always know and understand that your day will always try to master you, but you have to master it by allowing the light of your God's word to enter into the recesses of your mind.

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