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Dr. Ebony Coleman is a native of the state of Michigan. Moving to the City of Romulus in 1998, Dr. Coleman attended Cory elementary, Romulus Middle School, and graduated from Romulus High School. After completing her High School Diploma at Romulus High School in 2005, she decided to expand her educational endeavors. Being raised in a household where her mother structured a career in the health field and her father structured a career in criminal justice, Dr. Coleman developed a passion in both career paths.  Unsure of how to intertwine her passion of health and criminal justice into a potential career, in the fall of 2005, Dr. Coleman began her freshmen year of college at Tiffin University on an athletic scholarship.  It was within her freshman year of college that Dr. Coleman was introduced to the field of Forensic Psychology. Embodying both the field of health and criminal justice, the field of Forensic Psychology allowed for Dr. Coleman to intertwine both of her career interest. 


Transferring from Tiffin University back to Michigan to obtain a sought-after internship, within four years of graduating high school, Dr. Coleman completed her B.A in Psychology in 2009 from Oakland University. In the summer of 2009, after applying and being accepted into Argosy University’s Forensic Psychology M.A program, she began her graduate studies in Atlanta Georgia. Within two years, Dr. Coleman completed her graduate studies obtaining her M.A in Forensic Psychology in 2011 from Argosy University.  While working in the mental health field, Dr. Coleman was able to gain experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients.


Dr. Coleman’s mental health role responsibilities took the progressive roles of mental health intern, mental health associate, therapist, counselor, lead therapist, lead counselor, program manager, and clinical supervisor. These role responsibilities were held in psychiatric settings, juvenile correctional settings, adult correctional settings, and community programs. However, now being confronted with the understanding of how many people are affected with mental health challenges, how these mental health challenges can affect their day to day interactions, and could possibly lead to their constant recidivism, Dr. Coleman now understood her next goal.  


The next goal for Dr. Coleman would be to develop programs that would educate diverse populations on mental health and the importance of self-care. In order to gain a better understanding of how mental health is taught and linked to wellness in different cultures, in 2013, Dr. Coleman became an international flight attendant. Having the opportunity to now fly to places all over the world, Dr. Coleman was able to obtain a better understanding of how to develop her next goal into a reality.  In order to be an advocate of social change, Dr. Coleman decided to come back to the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan, her hometown, to begin that journey. With the help of the Historic Little Rock Baptist Church, Dr. Coleman started her own television show, Good News with Ebony Coleman, and began filming with DJ Maestro, the I Love to Hustle Show. While hosting and co-hosting these shows, Dr. Coleman started a juicing business and became a community advocate interviewing community leaders who were assisting in the rebuilding of the city of Detroit. 



With the constant hunger to develop programming to educate diverse populations on mental health and the importance of wellness, in the summer of 2015, Dr. Coleman moved back to Atlanta Georgia to once again further her graduate studies. After conducting her own research study and completing her dissertation derived on the outcome of her study titled, “An Exploration of Mental Health Practitioners Perceptions of Ethical Requirements and Self-Care as Means to Maintain Professional Competence”, on January 19th 2019, in Tampa Florida, Dr. Coleman was hooded with her PhD in Psychology, with a specialty in Forensics, from Walden University. Becoming a Doctor within the field of Psychology and a research-based author in the study of self-care, Dr. Coleman was able to develop drebonycoleman.com. On drebonycoleman.com, Dr. Coleman used her qualitative dissertation doctoral research on self-care to develop wellness consultations opportunities, wellness coaching opportunities, E-Books, fitness wear, and academic mentorship opportunities.


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