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 Being Employed  by Trauma

By Minister Kristy Snelson MA, BSN, CIT

                                                            Founder of Before After LLC

Trauma is the driving force that causes an individual to drop their mantle.  Many of us blame the enemy for stagnation however, trauma behaves in your mind and brain like a high-level boot camp. We no longer need to blame the enemy because trauma trains us to do the enemy’s work. I often tell clients, especially those who deal with a passive approach to their trauma, “Trauma is the biggest bully. It tells you who to date/marry, how to raise your children, what career to choose, etc.”

Imagine someone who has endured back-to-back trauma, or a trauma so severe, that it literally alters the state of their brain. This is scientifically proven to be true. God designed for our brains to be a negative feedback system. It goes into overload to protect us from dangers that we encountered in our past.  This concept was established when God created the Heavens and the earth, however it was manifested when Adam and Eve sinned. God loved us so much that He designed us to always have a need for safety in Him. Unfortunately, the enemy perverts this phenomenon.

Through this perversion, we ultimately submit to trauma as being our CEO. We become so cautious of reliving the trauma, to the point of idolizing our pain. Trauma becomes our god. We are too fearful subconsciously to even seek God for help or assistance because we know we may encounter a truth that may shatter the very essence of who we thought we were. Eventually, we would realize that we have walked away from our original blueprint God ordained selves.

 True we may attend a church service, or be dedicated members of a congregation, but we leave the same because we have not opened our mouths to ask for strategies; and most importantly, we have not asked the Holy Spirit to rewire our brains.

I encourage you to fire yourself! Do not allow fear of the unknown to stop you from receiving this rewiring process. Do not allow trauma to be your boss! Hate the enemy enough to get better. Love God so much that you will do whatever it takes to be who He has called for you to be. You are not employed by trauma anymore!

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Health, Diet, And Fitness, Do They

Have An Impact On How We Feel?

By Nickco Kemp

Are the three connected to your overall health? Do what you eat and drink affects your fitness? Let’s take a moment to talk about it.

Yes, Health, Diet, and Fitness is directly connected to how you feel and think. Your diet affects your overall fitness, which has an impact on your health. Making small adjustments can be a start for a healthier you, here’s how: Water….Being Active….Eating.

H2O -Water

Did you know H2O aka “Water” could be the answer to jumpstart wellness in your body. Water has many benefits and properties’ that help the skin stay youthful, and balance your body. Water helps with brain function, it is also great with your digestive system. Here is some great route I have found to work: having a glass of water as soon as you wake up will help to regulate your digestive system. This simple action is an energy boost to help kick start your workout for the day.


Being Active

  This brings me to fitness. Your fitness, it starts with you. Are you and will you be committed? You may say," I don’t have time,” " I’m working, taking care of the family, kids.”, “I am exhausted and tired.” “I have restrictions that won’t allow me too.” Ask yourself this, “Do you want to be fit?” The answer is “yes...”  Here’s some small and simple adjustment that can be a game changer for your start to fitness. “Taking 5”, just 5 minutes out of your day can be the start to a new you. Walking is a great start. Did you know that walking helps with your bones and strengthens your muscles, helps your mood. Walking also helps you maintain healthy weight.



When you eat a healthy balanced diet, this helps you to be a healthier you. Starting your day with a balance meal that is well planned will put you on a path to success. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be your first choice, no exception. Start with 5 ingredients when preparing your meals. This is simple and a clean way to change your diet and know what you’re eating.

This took diligence and persistence, listening to your body and to what your body is telling you. Remember to have an accountability partner to help you stay on track.


Drive And Go Forward...

Keep It Moving


By Apostle Barbara J. McClain

 And she went up, and laid him on the bed of the man of God, and shut the door upon him, and went out. And she called unto her husband, and said, Send me, I pray thee, one of the young men, and one of the asses, that I may run to the man of God, and come again. And he said, Wherefore wilt thou go to him to day? it is neither new moon, nor sabbath. And she said, It shall be well. Then she saddled an ass, and said to her servant, Drive, and go forward; slack not thy riding for me, except I bid thee.


2 Kings 4:21-24

As we apprehend the manifestation of the promise, that which was spoken over us, there may be a few distractions.

The back drop. This woman who was rich, (with permission from her husband, another story another time, LOL) decided to bless the man of GOD, by building a room for him in their home. The Prophet Elisha, asked what can I do for you since you have blessed me? GOD is waiting to bless you because your life, your worship, sacrifice is a blessing to him. Her reply, “I’m good”.

The child dies, she takes him, lays him on the Prophet’s bed, decides I am going to find the Prophet. Her husband’s response, it’s not the designated days for him to come by. She is determined. Scripture says she saddled a donkey told the servant “Drive, and go forward”


Your promise might be dead or appear to be dead. What the LORD has spoken may be on life support. This woman had made it up in her mind that “ALL IS WELL” she did not consider the son laying on the Prophet’s bed, dead. This woman had a promise and was, intentional, regarding her destiny and her seed.  She was going after it, no mater what it cost.

Prophet gets to the house, breathes on the son, son is resurrected. All we need is the fresh wind of GOD to blow on the promise. This woman told the servant “Drive, and go forward” in other words, “KEEP IT MOVING”. My destiny is being challenged. I have a promise and it has not manifested and I’ve got to do whatever it takes to see the fulfillment.


I want to encourage someone today to get the attitude of that woman, “DRIVE AND GO FORWARD” Keep it moving….Your Destiny Awaits.

Apostle Barbara J. McClain is the founder of Barbara McClain Ministries, where the emphasis is "Training and Equipping Kingdom People for the End-Time" and a strong advocate of prayer. For information regarding speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and the prayer line, please contact her.



Need some quiet

time with the Lord.

We invite you to visit our soaking center. 

















What is soaking?


Soaking is taking time to simply be quiet for moments in a day, silently laying before Him with soft soaking music playing, letting Him overshadow you.


No, soaking is not transcendental meditation or yoga.  It’s just laying in His presence – giving Him time to fellowship with you. We have to quiet our minds and spirits, so we can hear God more clearly. And soaking in His presence is an excellent way to do this.


Let’s face it, this world is a noisy place, and until we can designate some respite times in our lives, we will never rest. Often we are like the proverbial rat or hamster running constantly on the wheel in a cave – never reaching a destination.


Quiet Lake
Quiet Lake

Resisting Rejection, Embracing the

Fathers Love



By George Pearson III























Rejection is something that we all have experienced or eventually will experience. It affects each one of us differently and at various stages of life. It can start as early as conception in the Mother’s womb and influence our entire lives if we allow it to go unchecked without being properly diagnosed and treated.  

Rejection defined: is to be starved for love. It is a deliberate or conscious act of turning away from, denying acceptance, care and love, it’s to be shunned, slighted, disapproved, discouraged, and made to feel unloved, unwanted, undesirable, insecure, and inferior.

Rejection can be the root cause of so many other things such as sickness, diseases, addiction and disorders as well the emotional, mental and spiritual bondage that is being experience by many people on a daily bases.  

In my first book on this topic, ”The Inside Job, Overcoming The Hurt and Pain of Rejection” We gave in-depth description and definition to the meaning of this term and how it has been responsible for hindering and destroying so many lives. We also discussed the need to be healed, set free and delivered from this affliction and most importantly how it is done. In this writing we want to discuss the importance of maintaining our freedom from rejection as we learn how to resist it by embracing the love of the Father.

Rejection can only be defeated as we embrace the love of the Heavenly Father; his love transcends all hurt, pain, disappointment and trauma that we may have encountered throughout our journey in life. His love is the antidote and cure for what we so desperately long for from those that we failed to receive from. When we embrace the love of our heavenly Father we resist all forms of rejection that the enemy attempts to injure us with so, that he can prevent us from fulfilling our purpose and destiny in the earth. As we learn the importance of submitting and coming into the father’s embrace it will remove all insecurity, inferiority and the blighted and marred self-image of ourselves that rejection is responsible for manufacturing and producing in our life.  God, the Father is love therefore as we become one with him as he and Christ are one we can live a life free of the negative attributes that rejection desires to produce.


George Pearson III has a fervent grace to teach, train, and activate the body of Christ in the principles of the kingdom of God. He is a Bible teacher, author, and entrepreneur. He and his wife Anngel are founders and lead instructors of New Generation Training and outreach Center located in Anderson, Indiana. They have four adult children and one granddaughter. 

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