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About Me

At the age of 23, I had a nervous breakdown. During that time, my life was in shambles. Feeling hopeless; unloved and unwanted and not understanding what I needed to do. I was admitted into the hospital where I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and bulimia. I can recall not knowing where to turn who to trust nor how to move forward. I was 19 years old when my mom died and now I found myself mentally unstable with 3 children to raise. I was absolutely devasted with so many uncertainties in life. All I could recall was not wanting to spend the rest of my life living in that condition. I could remember my mom dying at the ripe age of 41 with a mental instability and I didn’t want to experience that way of life no matter what the doctors told me. I can recall the doctors giving me medication and telling me to go see medical doctors and mental health professionals. Although, I did I knew for me I was not going to have the same lot that my mother had. Battling for my sanity daily and often feeling suicidal and daily panic attacks which had me breathing through bags was not going to be my life portion. I realize that it was something more that I was put on earth to do. I wasn’t put here to live life mentally ill on medication and then die. I had to change the story that was being written for me by simply believing something different. For me to gain my life I had to allow my story to be rewritten through the power of Jesus!


That’s when I can say things truly start to turn around for me and I began to experience a level of freedom and liberty that I had not encountered prior. I will not for one say that it was an easy process. But I had to learn that the press that I was experiencing was producing something for greater than I could have ever imagined. That’s when the real journey of restoration for my soul begun. I was determined to not allow my past, the trauma of my up bringing, generational blood transfusions nor shame block me from my story being wrote differently. I dare not tell you it was not a fight. I fought every minute, hour and day to gain my life back not as I knew it, but better than what I knew it as. I am happy to report to you that after a full year of battling with those mental illnesses I am fully redeemed. I know longer battle with any of those things. I would be lying if I told you it was not a press and a dedication. It was times I felt like I was battling hell itself! I even had times I was ready to just call it quits! But, the Spirit of the Lord on the inside of me always gave me the will to fight and since that day I have fought to not only stay free but for others to be free in the area of their minds. Today, I am completely free of all mental oppression and have a tremendous outlook on life. So, in turn, I vowed to reach back and help as many people as possible to be delivered and set free from emotional, personal, and mental health challenges.


Today, I am the Founder and CEO of Sharmee Mind Management School, a biblical training center dedicated to fostering emotional, spiritual and mental wellness within the lives of people. I have written array of books on this subject: Breaking Free from Within, Crushing the Olive Will Release the Oil, Who or What's Persuading You, Illegal Access, and her latest coaching and book collection, The Dangers of Interference. Also I had the pleasure of hosting a live stream Facebook broadcast, with Dr. Peter Bonadie of New York City, who is one of the leading apostolic voices that is being used globally to shift nations. I have had the opportunity to do live interviews with an array of prominent leaders. I have been in various magazine some cover stories and others a featured guest. I am also the CEO of Head & Soul Magazine as well as I host a weekly podcast called Straight Talk with Dr. Sharmee Pratt which you can find on all major podcasting platforms. I am here to tell you know matter your start it doesn’t have to be your finish if you will simply adjust your thinking to believe that you are in control of how your story finishes. You may not have a lot of control over the start but you do over how it ends

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