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Sharmee Pratt is not only a woman of God, but a certified coach, teacher, international speaker, seasoned intercessor and advocate for mental health wellness. She is the Found­er and CEO of Mind Management School, where she focuses on a series of teachings and pub­lications that deal with regaining your focus with a strong emphasis on emotional and mental wellness. Because of her passion for  people to be whole in their soul and mind, Sharmee has written several books on this subject: Breaking Free from Within, Crushing the Olive Will Release the Oil, Who or What's Persuading You, Illegal Access and her latest coaching and book collection, The Dangers of Interference. Also recently, Sharmee has had the privilege of co-author­ing a book with award-winning #1 Amazon best-selling author, Dr. Shirley Clark, CEO of Clark's Consultant Group. In addition, for May 2020 National Day of Prayer, God opened the door for Sharmee to Co-Host a global prayer initiative with Dr. Clark, and it was a stellar success. Almost 10,000 viewers have watched the video.


As well, she had the pleasure of hosting a live stream Facebook broadcast with Dr. Peter Bonadie of New York City, who is one of the leading apostolic voices that God is  using  globally to shift nations in the area of prayer. Other prominent leaders she has had the opportunity to co-host Facebook and Youtube Live interviews with are: Retired Texas District Judge, Faith Johnson; Global Prayer Strategists, Pastors Tommy & Brenda Todd; and Humanitarian and Ambassador, Dr. Patricia Bailey. Sharmee has been a featured guest on "Let the Scribes Speak," hosted by Ambassador Gale McK­oy-George of Holland. Also, in May 2020, Sharmee started "Speak the Word" Live Broadcast Program. A program where she gathers Apostles and Prophets and allow these 5-Fold Ministry Leaders to speak life over God's people.


Sharmee is deeply passionate about her walk with Christ and strongly believes in the healing power of Jesus. Sharmee was trained under Apostle Barbara J. McClain Ministries whereby she received her prophetic training through her School of the Prophets. Since that time, Sharmee has traveled throughout North America and in South Africa preaching the Word of God. Also, she has been the Radio Host of Jubilee KSTL in St. Louis MO. Sharmee carries a heavy anointing to break demonic influences off the lives of people just by speaking the Word of the Lord. She is a Prophet ordained by God to speak to the masses.

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